Trailer Interior Storage

Our client outfits commercial vehicles with interior storage solutions.

Their clients include construction contractors, hydro, telephone, internet and gas utility companies and many more.

This particular trailer was for a tactical response unit.


Any emergency response team demands high quality, reliable equipment. In a job where every second is crucial, this team requires their equipment to be available and organized in such a manner that requires no thought as to its whereabouts. Our client was approached by such a team which required an enclosed trailer to be outfitted with storage for their diving equipment and other tactical gear, bench seating, tables and a vending door for access to essential equipment from outside the trailer.


We transformed our client’s sketches into a 3D model which displayed very accurately what needed to be done and what the end product would look like. They took our concept to their client which enabled them to make a professional presentation. We provided a bill of materials which listed all materials and their quantities required. Armed with this information, our client was able to present our concept drawings and accurate material costs to their client in order to win the job.