Stackable Projector Frame

Our client designs and manufactures video projection systems for a variety of industries and applications.

Their customers include schools, churches, theatres, halls and musical groups.

The purpose of this frame is to provide the option of allowing a certain projector model to be used by traveling performers that require a robust system that is easy to set up and use.


A need for a frame system to house a projector was required. The frame system had to allow multiple projectors to be stacked one on top of the other. Each projector needed to have adjustments in 3 axis that could be made independent of the other stacked projectors. The entire frame plus projector was not to exceed a mass of 100lbs. The projector mass is approx. 70 lbs on its own.


A lightweight frame constructed with aluminum components was designed. The projector pivots on a ball and socket joint that made it possible to keep the mass of the frame down and still allow 3 axis of adjustment. The pivot is placed along the projector lens axis so each external adjustment corresponds to actual lens movement. Stacking is made possible with locating pins and removable ball lock hardware.