Silo Winter Enclosure

Our client manufactures silo and round concrete structures mostly for the agricultural industry.

Their customers include farms, Bio-gas generation plants and feed storage facilities, among others.

This particular silo stands 312’ tall and is located in Alberta, Canada.


Winter temperatures make it next to impossible for concrete to cure properly and at a rate quick enough to facilitate efficient production. Our client came to us with hand sketches detailing his project requirements. The purpose of the winter enclosure is to allow concrete to be poured through the winter months and still have the required curing temperatures maintained. The enclosure was to be manufactured from steel tube with a canvas cover. The enclosure had to move on the workers platform each day as the platform was raised to allow pouring of subsequent silo wall sections.


We took our client’s concept sketches and produced a 3D model of all components. With so many beams, it would be difficult and time consuming to put together an assembly with hand sketches. After building a 3D assembly model, it was easy to see what areas could be improved upon. This winter enclosure made it possible for construction crews to continue working throughout the winter months. Heat was trapped inside the silo’s structure allowing the concrete to cure properly and the workers to function in short sleeves.