Industrial Staircase Design

Our client manufactures a variety of welded products for many industries. They specialize in custom stainless steel fabrications.

Their client base ranges from local consumers to farms and industrial businesses looking for custom one off fabrications.

This particular staircase is situated on a dairy farm in Baden, Ontario, Canada.


An ultra-modern dairy processing facility requires not only the most efficient layout and equipment; it requires a certain amount of cleanliness. This particular client requested that a stainless steel staircase be designed for employees to travel from the dairy processing floor to the offices on the second level. The client requested that we make use of the same ceramic floor tiles they used throughout the new facility for the steps.


We surveyed the site, taking pictures and dimensions we required for the design. Based on the height we measured between floor levels, it became apparent that local building code would require one landing to be placed in the middle of the stairway’s length. Armed with that information plus the ability to fasten one side of the stairway to a concrete block wall and the top step to be reinforced into the concrete floor of the second floor level, our design was established. Each step consisted of a u-shaped, sheet metal base with a stainless, beveled trim piece on the front edge. The step was filled with concrete and topped with two ceramic tiles surrounded by grouting to add the finishing touch. We sub-contracted the FEA analysis to make certain our design satisfied all required loading scenarios. The outcome was an attractive and practical stairway that pleased our client and the dairy farm employees that will be using it for years to come.